Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 is your chance to BE...

Be Happy 
Be Committed
Be Kind 
Be Positive
Be Amazing 
Be Confident 
Be Inspiring
Be Strong 
Be Versatile

Be a good Family Member 
Be Optimistic 
Be Patient 
Be Humble
Be Faithful 
Be Determined
Be a good Kid 
Be Punctual  
Be a Lady 
Be Encouraging 

Be Curious 
Be Stress-Free 
Be Proud 
Be a good Roommate
Be Reliable 
Be Selfless 
Be a Gentleman 
Be a good Manager
Be a Traveler 
Be Respectful 

Be a good Partner 
Be Interesting  
Be Organized 
Be Active 
Be a good Neighbor
Be a Helper
Be Responsible 
Be Genuine 
Be a good Student  

Be Loving 
Be Cool 
Be Fun 
Be Classy 
Be Awesome! 
Be Persistent 
Be Understanding 
Be a good Cook 
Be Brave 
Be Intelligent 

Be Outspoken
Be a Leader
Be a safe Driver
Be Thoughtful 
Be Smart 
Be Powerful 
Be Fair 
Be a good Friend 
Be Active 
Be Funny 

Be Aware 
Be Sexy 
Be Considerate
Be a Listener 
Be a Team Player 
Be Adventurous 
Be Consistent
Be Wealthy
Be Successful 
Be Polite 

Be Loyal 
Be Healthy  
Be Calm 
Be Original 
Be Creative 
Be Thankful
Be Sincere
Be Fearless
Be Charismatic
Be Faithful

Above all… 

Happy New Year!