Friday, January 16, 2015

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

This was a fairly great week, but also had its emotional and draining moments. Although the day-to-day wasn't much different than most weeks, I still had to re-adjust my schedule a bit and also my attitude at times. I worked my 8-4 day job, then handled some meetings and projects for my side business, experienced an amazing In-studio opportunity that was both fun and trying, and I also dealt with personal life things. This just happened to be one of those week's that needed much more patience. For one, a flat tire and 2 rounds of car shop visits didn't help my busy agenda, but I had to re-prioritize a few tasks this week to manage it all. Life happens.

One uncomfortable part was that I had projects planned weeks in advance, and when it came down to shifting things around last minute I felt that it was harder than I imagined. I plan my schedule pretty meticulously, so when little or unforeseen things come up, I have to be patient and flexible. Additionally, I had to be understanding when the roles were reversed when the same thing happened to others that needed to readjust.

Where I struggle is in the category of trying to please others. Putting myself first isn't always easy. I often worry that if I reschedule an appointment, will that person think I'm being unreliable or unaccountable? Truth be told, I don't think or live out my actions that way, so there is no reason for me create imaginary perceptions. I do take pride in my work and my personal endeavors, which is why the ideas of "am I letting others down" crosses my mind. This can become dangerous and unhealthy if it's not well balanced. I am continuing to push myself and step out of my comfort zone to develop in this area.

Another uncomfortable part of my week was sharing my true thoughts and feelings about a project that I am working on, and also separately had to have a sensitive conversation with a collaborator. Every day this week I had to step out of my comfort zone in some way or another: asking for help (not my strong suit), sharing a thought that is on my mind not knowing how the other person will receive it, being strong at times I wanted to be vulnerable, telling someone "I disagree" or "No"...are all hurdles that I encountered this week. Some actions had immediate reactions that were taken well, and some may take more time to unfold...but all I can focus on is the courage it took for me to step up and step out of my comfort zone in that moment. Even this specific blog post is me coming out of my comfort zone, and allowing myself to be vulnerable to you.

Even though I was able to push myself to say or do something that was not the norm for me, I felt that I grew a little bit more which was a huge accomplishment. There have been times of back-to-back "learning lessons" or uncomfortable situations, and there will be many more. This can certainly be draining and discouraging at times, but each experience is a learning tool. I always want to keep growing, but not always at my own expense. How does that make sense? Is that possible? 

My advice for others that are afraid to step out of their "safe" zone or those that are going though challenges is to push yourself a little bit further and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable. It is not always easy, but it is necessary in order to develop. No matter what you do and say, just be true to who you are....and remember to be brave, be patient, and be optimistic.

As Jillian Michaels (from NBC's The Biggest Loser) once stated, "be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

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