Friday, August 15, 2014

Health Series Part 2: Jillian Newlin's Tips &Tricks

Many of us seem to over indulge through the long brutal winters and holiday season, then rush to find crash diets to shed those unwanted pounds for Spring & Summer....or continue to do so through the "Dog Days." No sweat, right?

In my opinion, crash diets just as worse as when people believe and follow the hundreds of Fad Diets that keep popping up only because a "celebrity" tried it. Wake-up call! Crash & Fad diets don't work, and are horrible for your body and your mind.
FYI Celebrities get paid several thousands of dollars to read a script claiming they have "tried, like, and approve" of a product or regimen. They also spend a pretty penny on chefs, nutrition coaches, and personal trainers.

Weight loss or maintaining healthy decisions shouldn't be a comparison to others, competition or a race. Living a healthy lifestyle is something people need to be able to incorporate as part of their day-to-day routines for what suits them best.

The term "Diet" is often viewed as an idea to cut out certain food or beverages for a period of time. Ex: when people crash diet before their tropical vacation.
The definition of Diet:
*Food and drink regularly consumed
*Habitual consumption
*A regimen of eating & drinking sparingly to reduce one's weight
In my previous post, Be Your Own Biggest Loser, I had a chance to sit down with Jillian Newlin and share her inspiring story of her 60+ pound weight loss. She shared her vulnerability as she overcame many challenges and physical & emotional obstacles. To hear someone's amazing journey, and to see their transformation from Before to After makes me wonder, How did she do it?! 
Jillian's Tips & Tricks
Caloric Consumption
Keep a food log. Try to keep a log of what you eat. This can seem tedious, but it is the only way to really know how much you are overeating. You can download an app, which is the easiest way. Ex: My Fitness Pal.
Eat clean. Try to cut out as much processed food as possible, and incorporate REAL food. Focus on fresh fruits, veggies, minimally processed grains like brown rice, quinoa. Lean meats: chicken breast, salmon and also egg whites are a great source of protein and low in calorie. Basically if it comes in a box and the ingredient list is more than 5 ingredients long- avoid it!
You are what you drink. Try your best to cut out or at least cut down progressively on the sugary drinks and juices- even diet or zero calorie pop is not good for you. Drink roughly 6 cups of water a day mostly between meals; this will keep you hydrated, but also will cut down on hunger in between snacks.
Eat every 2-3 hours. If you space out your meals too far apart, your blood sugar tends to drop and then because you are overly hungry by the time you eat, you are more likely to overeat. I like to have a small snack in between breakfast & lunch and then again between lunch & dinner.
Physical Activity
Make exercise part of your day almost every day- like brushing your teeth.
The more of a set routine you have the more likely you are to stick to it. Do things to prepare that will help you stick to your routine- for instance I set my workout clothes out in the bathroom every night, so I don’t have to rummage around at 4:30 in the morning trying to find something to wear.

Don’t start too hard, too fast. I started walking, then I added running, then I added higher intensity programs like Insanity, etc. And now I have added weight training. One thing at a time, progressing in difficulty as your fitness level increases is the best way to go.

Do something you enjoy. It’s a clichĂ© but make fitness fun. If you dread it, the less likely you will be to actually do it. If you’re a daycare provider and by the end of the day you need adult communication, take group fitness classes where it can become a social experience. If you love being outdoors and detest working out inside a room, then outside is where you should be exercising. The best workout is one that you will actually do.
I asked Jillian
If you could go back, what would you do differently?
The only thing I would have done differently would be to start changing my nutrition sooner! I waited about 8 months to do that, which should have been the first thing to change.

How are you maintaining your weight now?
I still log everything I eat in "My Fitness Pal" every day. I am at a maintenance calorie level now, instead of a losing level. I still workout 5-6 days/week. Right now my focus is on building muscle, so I do 3 days of Cardio and also Weight Train 4-5 days/week.

Hita's Pointers
Plan what you eat, so you eat what you planned.
*Make a list of meal ideas for the week & grocery list of items you need
*Don't shop on an empty stomach
*Shopping in bulk or Prepping in bulk can help save time & money
*Taste the Rainbow! (And I don't mean Skittles) Incorporate Colors in your meals/snacks