Thursday, April 3, 2014

When One Door Closes...

...many more will open!

Have you recently gone through a big change in your life, or looking to make some changes?

You are certainly not alone when it comes to making "life decisions." Through my recent experiences and past encounters, I have realized that life changes are bound to happen whether we plan for them or not. It is how we learn and grow.
We just have to remember that we can only control our own actions, in the current moment...regardless of how much we communicate with others and how well we plan in advance.

How we handle our actions and reactions, and how we maximize our time is what matter most. Whether if it's a relationship change, home/move, career, education, financial, spiritual, etc we must remember that these are difficult elements in life we go through to get to where we ultimately want to be. Be open minded. Be Patient.

What if something happens unexpectedly? Stressful or joyful, all we can do is embrace the moment, ask others for help if we need it, and hold ourselves accountable for improving the situation to the best of our ability.

We've all heard the popular phrase before, "things happen for reason," so we must remind ourselves to be patient and positive.

Sometimes we must make big decisions, that are difficult in the moment, but what is yet ahead of us is unknown until we reach that moment. All we can do is welcome the future, good & not so good moments, and keep an open mind!


I recently made some big changes related to my future career goals, and ultimately I have decided that my mental & physical health/well-being and happiness is far more important than continuing on a path that was derailing my personal and professional success.

The decision to pursue my passion in PR and Entertainment work is exciting and very intimidating all the same time. All I can do is follow my intuition, reach out to others for their support and guidance, and push myself as hard as I can because this is what I want for myself. People around me will have their opinions, which I am open to hearing, but ultimately the decision is mine.

So for those of you who are looking to make a change, or who have unexpectedly had to experience an unplanned situation, my suggestion is to do your best to keep a positive mindset while continuing to seek opportunities that will benefit your well-being as well as financial and family priorities. 

For every door or two that closes it allows time and room for many more doors to open. Control the things that are in your hands, and set-aside the negative energy that may be distracting to your success.