Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding a Balance

While I am constantly on the go and posting pictures of the great opportunities I take advantage of, it may appear that my whereabouts are rather entertaining. 

As much as I enjoy it all, I can honestly say my life is far from perfect. I wake up often thinking I wish I was richer, worked at my dream job, lived in a tropical paradise or that I had no stressors in life. I might as well stay asleep and keep dreaming because that’s not always realistic. 

As successful and driven as I have been thus far does not mean that life has always been peachy. I am extremely grateful for all the experiences and people I have encountered, whether they helped me or hurt me. Rather than dwelling on the elements in my life that are not “picture perfect,” I try to focus on the areas that I want to improve. I am dedicated to being a better person for myself, and which impacts those who I cross paths with. I drive my energy into what I’m most passionate about.

(Photo Credit: Live with Passion Now)

 In a current book I am reading, Well Being The Five Essential Elements, the authors discuss the importance of Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community well-being. I’ll let you read the book to find out what Rath and Harter have to say, but I will share my personal tricks on some of these topics.                           

In my opinion, life is about balance.
Mental, Physical and Social factors are all significant to overall well-being.

·       “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace”-Dalai Lama
·         I can’t control what others around me say or do, so how I react and think will ultimately impact   my own mindset
·         Over thinking/analyzing does nothing. It happens, but I try to stop it
·         I care too much about making a good impression and what others think, which is not always healthy
·         Generally, thinking positively or “best case” helps me in tough times as opposed to “worst case” –but I try to be realistic
·         I try not to be so hard on myself. This is an area I need more focus on, but I reward myself for little/big milestones

·         It’s not a competition for the best body, so as long as I’m active and take “ME-time” to relax I’m happy
·         I challenge myself when I can. Rock-climbing, Yoga, 5Ks, Canoeing,  or even taking stairs instead of elevator
·         I try not to compare my wardrobe or looks to others. I wear what I can afford, make it look presentable, but also observe others for ideas J
·         I am a night owl, but can’t always stay up late. Sleep is essential
·         Massages, Manicures, Hair appointments, etc help me look and feel my best (also a good Mental break for myself)

·         I love meeting new people. I observe and learn from their positive traits as well as their flaws
·         I need human interaction, it keeps me sane and I merely enjoy it. (Social/Networking events are my favorite)
·         I love trying new things with different people. I also try mixing up my social network so that I don’t “get too comfortable”
·         I love my social media. It’s obvious to those that I’m connected with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
·         Just because I am friendly doesn’t mean I’m trying to be someone’s best friend or girlfriend, yet I still enjoy keeping the connection alive
·         Asking for help. An imperative concept that I have just recently become more comfortable with
·         I’m single, and I try to embrace it the best I can. I try to avoid pity parties, and I keep myself busy
·         I spend time and money on what makes me happy. I spend more on experiences... Trips, concerts, events...than buying “things”

I may not have my dream job yet, but I’m continuously juggling a handful of tasks to get there one day soon. I may not have perfect abs, but I stay active with dance and watch what I eat. I may not be the best student, but I love to learn and committed to my education. I may not have all the right answers when people ask for my insight, but I speak from my heart with their best interest in mind. I may not always make the best decisions, but I learn my lessons and carry them forward.


One thing I can say is that overall I am happy, healthy and very blessed to have the opportunities that come my way. I try do my best in the areas of life that are priorities to me. A priority to me may be less important to you, and an element in your life of great value may be secondary to your best friend, and so on.

I am a firm believer in doing what is best for yourself, and finding happiness in what you do. When we are in a good place in our own lives, we are able to be better partners, friends, employees, etc.